About Us

About Us

Movies2binge was made to suggest highly-rated and good yet little-known movies and shows streaming on Netflix, Hotstar, Hulu, Prime or pretty much any OTT platforms.

Why highly-rated and little-known? And why only mostly OTT platforms?

Netflix boasts about 170 million subscribers worldwide, out of which 60 million are adults from the US alone. Out of this, almost 41% of the people streaming Netflix are friends and family of the people actually paying for the subscription. For more interesting stats on Netflix, read here If you want to know overall information on all kinds of OTT platform then check out these cool statistics.

Knowing these facts, the movies and shows that people end up watching on Netflix or wherever hold higher viewer score but not that good a critic score. So, we hunt down films and shows that are good to watch for you. These platforms recommend shows and movies based on what you preferred to watch recently from its corporate algorithm, even if they have low voting counts.

Why we don’t like any OTT’s algorithm?

Let’s talk about Netflix as the OTT platform as an example.

Apart from the Netflix recommendation algorithm suggesting you content based on your past viewing, Netflix’s algorithm is often more interested in selling you what it has spent money on rather than recommending what’s actually good for you. This means that you’ll rarely get to expose yourself to new things outside your comfort zone.

Getting challenged by something new is always better than being told what to watch by an AI algorithm, and this is seemingly everywhere, may it be Facebook, Instagram or even Reddit.

Which is why we strive to keep Movies2binge a 100% human-curated movie recommendation website. If you see something getting suggested here, we’ve watched it till the end and completely vouch on our opinion for it even if the judgments are subjected from person to person.

Who are we?

About Us

As of now, we are a one-woman army. My name is Jahnavi Vekaria, and I am in the digital marketing field. I mostly create content for IT companies, but in my free time, I love to binge-watch movies and shows like some nerd and review them for fun.

I grew up watching English movies in India (and partly in Africa) and founded this website during the pandemic to make use of the perception of all the films and shows I watched while working from home.

Want to contact us for a suggestion or write for us?

Do you have a suggestion of a movie or show from Netflix that you would love for us to check out? Or perhaps you are interested in writing for us if you believe you have a flair of being a writer and a movie critic; then you can reach us here.