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15 Hidden Gems Anime on Netflix to Watch in One Weekend

Anime on Netflix has improved dramatically; some of the best anime gems from previous years have dropped on Netflix. From Netflix Anime Originals to cult-classic ones, almost every series is available. 

With no public gatherings or weekend vacation seeming possible, this lockdown is a great time to finish those long shows that you’ve always wanted to watch. The only tradeoff being, one has to sacrifice their social lives, but I guess no one has a social life at this moment. Regardless, here are the best anime series to watch on Netflix in one weekend straight. 

Best Anime on Netflix to Watch in One Weekend

Violet EverGarden – 1 season 

IMDB – 8.4/10

violet evergarden

A young girl named Violet EverGarden was raised to be a deadly weapon of destruction during the great war. After four long years, the war has finally come to an end. As one of the leading soldiers, Violet was hospitalized with grievous injuries during the war’s final moments. 

With no other purpose and the person she held dearest no longer in her life, Violet begins working at CH Postal Services. 

After a while, when she got the hang of her work, she comes across an Auto Memory Doll, a doll that converts thoughts and feelings into words. Fascinated by this, Violet starts her journey of becoming an Auto Memory Doll to change people’s lives and, on the way, find meaning in her life as well. 

The thing that makes this anime series stand out is that almost every episode has taken inspiration from real-life examples making it more relatable. The animation, background music, and story are all fantastic, which makes this beautiful. 

Beastars – 2 seasons 

IMDB – 7.9/10


As we know it, the world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, and there are no humans among them. However, these modern and civilized animals are divided culturally based on whether they are carnivores or herbivores. 

The young animals of both types attend the Cherryton Academy and grow together. In comes our protagonist, Legoshi, a large wolf who lives in his hostel room with other carnivores and his closest friend Jack, a labrador. Legoshi lives a relatively uneventful life, with his only work supporting the drama club actors run by a red deer named Louis. 

Out of nowhere, a brutal incident occurs in which Tem the alpaca gets killed and is eaten. With no clear suspects, the line of trust breaks between the herbivores and carnivores. Each character has a unique trait, which makes the plot quite intriguing and a deserving watch. Watch it here.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.2/10

anime on netflix

During the Industrial Revolution, an unyielding monster appears, and the only way to defeat the creature is to pierce his heart that is protected by a thick layer of iron. Furthermore, the beast can also infect humans with its bite turning them into an undead monster known as Kabane. 

These creatures are quite aggressive and can spread the infection to others as well. 

To shelter themselves, the citizens of island Hinomoto located far east built stations. The people who access these stations and the transport ware are inspected every time before boarding the steam running locomotive. Ikoma, a young boy, lived alone in Aragane station and provided his help while the steam train was being built. 

He created a specialized weapon to fight the monsters and called it Tsuranuku Izutsu. One fateful day, he comes across Mumei, a girl exempted from the mandatory inspection and can get on board the train. Suddenly things start going haywire as the staff members have turned into Kabane, and the train has lost control. Will Ikoma save everyone with the help of his new weapon, or is the doom of humanity near? 

The story is quite gripping, and a little complex but offers many insights into human emotions and actions. A really good anime on Netflix to check for an otherwise empty weekend.

The Royal Tutor – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.1/10

best anime on netflix

Heine Wittgenstein, a man with a brilliant mind who can be equally charming and commanding, has always earned his respect. Upon noticing his brilliance, the king of Glanzreich tasked him with a daunting feat that no others before him could accomplish. Heine now has to become the royal tutor and teach the four young princes to become the future king. 

Each prince has a different personality along with some problematic traits. Starting with the youngest prince, Licht, who’s very flirtatious, the second prince Leonhard is known to be immature, the third prince Bruno is quite academic, and the oldest amongst them, Kai, is the silent one. 

Will Heine guide these young princes and teach them to become the future king, or will his past create havoc inside the kingdom? The story is simple and a sweet one where you will fall in love with the characters and laugh with them. Watch it here.

No Game No Life – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.8/10

best anime on netflix

Two sibling gamers are shrouded in mystery as they never enter their name but always dominate every game they play. Their popularity grew, and they have been named the Blank gamers who remained undefeated in every game they played. 

A suspicious email caught their attention as they had been challenged to a game of chess and promised a reward if they beat him. Naturally, the siblings won, and their prize was getting transported to a fantasy world where a game decides everything. 

There are no wars, no violence, no bloodshed; instead, a peaceful game is played where both sides place their bet. This Anime surprises you as it turns out to be something entirely else from what you may believe. A blend of comedy, brains, and gambling makes this one a great watch

Magi- Adventure of Sinbad – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.6/10

best anime on netflix

A young boy is born in the impoverished Tison Village, Sinbad, the great warrior Badr and his kind wife, Esra. Deemed as the ‘Child of Destiny,’ Sinbad’s birth brought forth an immense radiant surge declaring him to be at the top of magical powers. 

Since birth, Sinbad has led a peaceful life despite the economic shortcomings of the village. This was all true until he came across a stranger and a great tragedy occurred to him. Years later, now he has all grown up and wants to explore the world outside the village. It’s around this time when dungeons start appearing worldwide, rumored to contain great powers and riches. 

Attracting adventurers and armies alike, the dungeon is also feared as no one has ever managed to come out. The fates play a significant role as Sinbad meets with a magnanimous traveler, and they both set out to explore the mystical world. 

Follow the crazy adventures of Magi as he explores the dungeons with his friends and comes across new enemies in this Netflix anime series

The Saga of Tanya the Evil – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.7/10

best anime on netflix

A Japanese salaryman is condemned to be reborn during the late 1910s in a war-torn nation as he used to blame God a lot for his misfortunes. His rebirth also came with a twist; he has to die of a natural cause and believe in God every day. If he fails to do so, his soul will be trapped in hell for the sins he committed when he was alive. 

The salaryman is reborn as a nine year-old-girl who serves as the second lieutenant in the imperial army. Her only option is to enroll in Empire’s Mage Division and climb to the top ranks to stay away from the battlefield. As Tanya is considered a prodigy, it doesn’t take her long to turn into a ruthless soldier after mastering her magic. Her career now takes priority over God and everything else. 

The animation, the thought of believing in God, and the fear of war are displayed brilliantly in this Anime. A different story to engage with, check out this anime on Netflix from here.

B: The Beginning – 2 seasons 

IMDB – 7.2/10

best anime on netflix

In the city of Cremona, a vigilante called executioner B goes out of control. He has earned the respect of many ordinary folks. Poor citizens praise him, and rich and corrupt ones need to chase him. Armed with superhuman powers and furnished distinctly with a sharp cutting edge, B starts to unleash ruin in the city, murdering all miscreants. The Imperial Investigation Service has been called without hesitation to catch the criminal. 

Unfit to accomplish any outcome with their examination, the RIS brings in Keith Flick, an investigator who can derive nearly anything. A couple of years prior, he was eliminated from the power as he endured an individual misfortune and couldn’t deal with himself. The covert examination starts as B has now begun to dispose of degenerate lawmakers. 

With help from his companion and other colleagues, Keith unwinds a plot that uncovers the extent of equity and debasement inside the public authority. Watch this anime series here.

Ergo Proxy – 1 season 

IMDB – 8/10

Netflix Anime Series

A global ecological catastrophe brought the world to the brink of extinction. One of the last surviving human civilizations now lies in the doomed city of Romdeau. Life outside the secure bubble is unimaginable and inhospitable. To assist with the recovery of human life, AutoReivs have been created. 

These humanoid-like robots who assist humans with their day-to-day lives have now begun to acquire consciousness due to a virus called Cogito. The ruler of Romdeau appointed his granddaughter, Re-I Mayer, to solve this case alongside Iggy, her AutoReiv partner. 

What began as a simple investigation has turned into a dark conspiracy that can bring humankind to its knees. During the investigation, Vincent Law, an AutoReiv specialist, must also come to terms with his demons as supernatural incidents start happening around him. 

Join the investigation crew as they travel around in their dystopian world, trying to solve the mystery and uncover the truth about Proxies, a mythical being. ‘Ergo Proxy‘ is an experimental sci-fi show with a complex plot and thought-provoking instances that will excite the viewers. 

Hellsing – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.9/10

Netflix Anime Series

Modern-day England is infested with ghouls and vampires, who hunt the oblivious citizens and feed on them. The Hellsing Foundation is the only backline in the fight between the innocent citizens and the undead. But this isn’t the only problem in the city; a new designer drug has surfaced that gives humans supernatural abilities and the bloodlust of a vampire. 

The new creatures are now wreaking havoc in the city. Can Hellsing and it’s two oddball recruits handle the situation before everything takes a turn for the worse? The characters and their personalities are so addictive that it’s impossible to ignore this Anime. The artworks and soundtracks make up for amazing fight scenes. 

God Eater – 1 season 

IMDB – 7/10

Netflix Anime Series

In 2071, a devastating event occurred where monsters are known as Aragami nearly wiped out humanity. The story begins in post-apocalyptic Japan, where an organization known as Fenrir creates weapons from the cells of Aragami and calls them God Arcs. 

These weapons are the only thing that can be used to fight against the monsters. People are trained to use the arcs, and those who accomplish this task are called God Eaters. Earlier the only form these arcs could take was that of a gun, but it can now manifest as a sword with some changes. 

The starting is a little slow-paced, and the viewers have to be patient if they want to enjoy the show’s true essence. Watch it here.

BNA: Brand New Animal – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.3/10

Netflix Anime Series

Several authoritative figures kept the world in the dark about the existence of humanoid animals. It is now the 21st century, a word about the animals has gotten around, and people finally know they exist. Our protagonist, Michiru, is an average student who loves going to school. 

One day she suddenly turned into a tanuki person and now possesses abilities such as stretching her limbs or growing her tail out when in danger. Desperate to escape from evil humans, she navigates her way to Anima city, the only haven for humanoid animals. 

In the city, she has a chance encounter with Shirou Ogami, a wolf person who offers his help by investigating what happened to Michiru. Soon they find themselves in a deep trap and mixed up in strange events. A definite watch with bits of comedy and solid animation works. 

Demon Slayer – 1 season 

IMDB – 8.7/10

Demon slayer

Beasts who feast on humans have existed since prehistoric times, who hide around the dull rear entryways and stand by to eat up oblivious people. 

The entire humanity doesn’t know these beasts. It prevents individuals from unfortunate fate and beasts from assaulting, a profoundly prepared gathering of talented professional killers called the Demon Slayers to exist. 

Tanjiro Kamado, a little fellow who assists his mother with family errands and deals with his kin. As the lone working man in his family, he chooses to sell charcoal, planning to bring some cash. After getting back from his work, he observes a horrendous sight and discovers his family butchered with just a single survivor, his sister, who has become an evil demon. 

For some mind-boggling reason, his sister holds her human feelings while as yet being a demon. Planning to save her from her destiny, Tanjiro joins the demon slayer corps. This new Anime has been loved by fans worldwide, and there’s no preferred path other than gorging to watch this.

Black Clover – 4 seasons 

IMDB – 8.1/10

Black Clover

In a small village inside the Clover kingdom, Asta and Yuno were abandoned in front of a church right after taking birth. They have been inseparable since and dream of becoming the next Magus, the greatest magician in the kingdom. 

During the earlier years, some differences became quite noticeable; Yuno was a prodigy and had innate magical talents, while on the other hand, Asta did not possess any magical prowess. Asta devoted himself to physical training to make up for his lack of supernatural powers. 

A ceremony takes place every year where 15 years old young magicians gather together to receive their Grimoires. While most people receive Grimoires with a three-leaf-clover on top of it, Yuno received a four-leaf-clover Grimoire that’s believed to be extremely powerful and bring good luck. On the other hand, Asta didn’t receive any books and was made fun of by other kids. 

However, it did not take long for us to witness the real power of Asta as when Yuno’s life is threatened, Asta uses a five-leaf-clover grimoire rumored to contain the devil himself. A gem of a watch and, without a doubt, one of the best Netflix anime series. The plot, the animation, the fighting scenes are all mixed in with a pinch of comedy that keeps one glued to the screen. Watch it here.

Bungou Stray Dogs – 3 seasons 

IMDB – 7.6/10

bangou stray dogs

After getting kicked from the orphanage and labeled as a good for nothing, Nakajima Atsushi has nowhere to go or no food. One day while he was standing by the river, he saw a person drowning and whimsically decided to rescue him. He later finds out that the man he saved was Dazai Osamu, who, along with his partner, works in a unique detective agency. 

All staff members in the detective agency have supernatural powers and deal with too severe cases for the police or military. The new case they are solving is about the appearance of a mystical tiger who is somehow related to Atsushi. 

After solving the case, it is revealed that Atsushi has the power to manifest himself as a tiger. This revelation gave a new meaning and purpose to his life as he starts all over again by working at the detective agency. This show can make you escape reality for a bit as different individuals’ emotions collide with their extraordinary gifts.

This was our list of the best anime on Netflix that you could check out this weekend. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments. Here are other lists you might want to check out:

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