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13 Best Anime Reddit People are Talking About

This decade brought significant advancements for many anime series and movies. The animation work was getting better day by day, with a better plot developed to attract new audiences. How we watch Anime and celebrate Japanese culture has changed since the advent of streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

A decade later, Japanese animation has become a powerful medium, and the new entries prove so. Our 13 best Anime Reddit comes from all the Reddit buzz and can be enjoyed during the holiday season. Check out the links on where to watch Anime Reddit along with the list.

Top Anime Reddit is Talking About

Jujutsu Kaisen – 1 season

IMDB – 8.7/10

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One of the biggest hits this season, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ created an Anime Reddit buzz before dropping on streaming platforms. There was some speculation as to whether it will live to the expectations, but boy oh boy. 

The story captures the life of Yuji Itadori, a high school student who joins the Occult club in his school to laze around. Little did he know that the members can manipulate the energy of the soul. On one such adventure, they stumble upon a cursed object said to be the strongest demon’s finger, Sukuna. 

Other cursed creatures pursued the cursed object, and Yuji had no choice other than to swallow the finger to save his friends. In the process of eating, he becomes a vessel for Sukuna and inherits his destructive power. To get free from the curse, he now has to swallow the remaining nine fingers and, hence, join Jujutsu tech, a school for sorcerers. 

The story, the animation, and the characters with insane powers make this a phenomenal watch. Watch it here.

The Irregular at Magic High School – 2 Seasons

IMDB – 7.2/10

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More than a century has passed since magic was recognized as an official technology rather than folklore. Spring season has rolled in, signifying that new students now will join the magic high school in hopes of becoming a great magician. 

Even though humanity has achieved significant scientific progress, discrimination still prevails. The top-grade students at the school are labeled as ‘blooms,’ and students who get low grades are called ‘weed.’ Tatsuya and Miyuki are siblings who enroll in the school as new students. While Tatsuya has some deficiencies and gets labeled as ‘weed,’ Miyuki secures the 1st position in the exam and becomes the class representative. 

With a secret past and powers stronger than you can’t even imagine, the siblings navigate their high school life making new friends along the way. This Anime leaves you wanting for more while also wishing that it magically becomes a real thing. It is known as ‘Mahouka Koukou no Rettusei’ and you can watch it here.

Haikyuu – 4 seasons 

IMDB – 8.7/10

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‘Slam Dunk’ came out in the ’90s, and immediately, everyone was a basketball fan with kids wanting to dunk the basketball rim. Then came ‘Eyeshield 21’ during the 2000s, and along with it, a new love for American football emerged. Now it’s time for ‘Haikyuu,’ a sports anime about volleyball that will keep you fixed on the edge of your couch. 

Though the plot is a little cliche, our protagonist wants to become the best volleyball player but is relatively short. Every day he faces some obstacle on his way to becoming the best player, and through sheer determination, he overcomes those. 

The execution of this Anime is so polished and precise, and the plot is so rich that the end product becomes an enjoyable one. The pace at which the story proceeds is spot on, and you will probably end up binge-watching the whole season. Haikyuu is available on most of the regional libraries of Netflix.

Demon Slayer – 1 season 

IMDB – 8.7/10

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Talking about new Anime Reddit that came out and became an instant hit, ‘Demon Slayer’ stands atop. Human eating monsters have existed since prehistoric times, who lurk around the dark alleyways and wait to devour other humans’ unfortunate souls. 

The whole of humanity doesn’t know about these monsters, and to stop people from panicking, and monsters from attacking, a highly trained group of skilled assassins called the Demon Slayers exist. 

Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy who helps his mother with household chores and takes care of his siblings. As the only working man in his family, he decides to sell charcoal, hoping to earn some money. Upon returning from his work, he witnesses an excruciating sight and finds his family slaughtered with only one survivor, his sister, who has become a demon. 

For some miraculous reason, his sister retains her human emotions while still being a demon. Hoping to save her from her fate, Tanjiro joins the demon slayer. Demon Slayer is the new Anime that has been welcomed by fans worldwide, and there’s no better way other than binging to watch this on Netflix.

The Misfits of Demon King Academy – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.3/10

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Who would’ve thought that even the unbeatable Anos Voldigoad, the demon king, wants peace and tranquility in his life? With the war between humans and demons seemingly not coming to an end, he sacrifices his life and decides to reincarnate in the future. 

Now reborn in a peaceful era, where demons and humans live in peace and attend their schools to develop magical abilities. Anos kept his supernatural powers and memory intact and quickly distinguished himself as a brilliant student. With jealous students and evil demon lords, Anos clarifies that he is the real demon king. 

The protagonist is hugely overpowered and crushes everyone who dares to interfere with his peaceful life. A satisfying anime that can be easily watched in a single go. Watch the Misfits of Demong King Academy here.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon – 3 Seasons 

IMDB – 7.4/10

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Commonly called ‘The Dungeon’, the story begins in Orario, where gods have descended to enjoy everyday life. There’s a huge labyrinth in the city, and groups known as Familia created by the gods enter the dungeon to grow strong and acquire fame and money. 

Bell Cranel, a new adventurer, has a fateful encounter with Hestia, a lonely goddess with no family members in her Familia. Bell begs her to take him in and soon begins the story of a new hero, hoping to conquer the depths of the labyrinth and impress his crush. 

There’s a lot to like about this show as it meticulously captures Bell as she grows in her journey of becoming the best adventurer. It is available on Netflix but if you can’t access it because of your region, then watch it here.

Attack on Titan – 4 seasons 

IMDB – 8.8/10

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Giant creatures called Titans inhabit the earth and seek to exterminate all of humanity. They don’t seem to possess any intelligence and eat humans for pleasure rather than hunger. With no apparent chance of defeating the Titans, humans surrounded themselves with thick and long walls towering even the most gigantic Titan. 

A peaceful 100 years have passed by without any skirmishes with the giants. However, the peace is not forever as a colossal titan breaks the wall, and the city gets flooded with several smaller Titans. While running for their lives, Eren and his sister Misaka get buried under the debris and watch their mother being eaten alive. 

Feeling completely helpless, Eren promises to take revenge for his mother and exterminate every Titan. A brilliant story, it keeps growing bigger and bigger as it delves into the deeper meaning of war, humanity, and staying alive. The biggest buzz on Anime Reddit about this season is because it just recently aired its first episode of the 4th season. Must-try if you love intelligent story plots.

Find all seasons of Attack on Titan here.

The Rising of the Shield Hero – 2 seasons 

IMDB – 8.1/10

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In the fantasy world of Melromarc, legends about four otherworldly heroes exist. It is said that whenever the world is facing any lethal danger, different heroes wielding a sword, a spear, a shield, and a bow will appear to save them from calamity. These legendary heroes are summoned from modern-day Japan and teleported to Melromarc. 

Naofumi Iwatani is considered the weakest among all the heroes as his shield doesn’t possess any offensive power. Labeled as the Shield Hero, Naofumi begins his journey with the beautiful princess Myne who has her sinister reason for helping him. It does not take Myne long to reveal her true color as she robs him of his money and blames him for forcing himself upon her after getting drunk. 

Filled with hatred, Naofumi promises to take revenge upon those who tricked him. A slow start in the beginning as the story develops and deepens for some fantastic fight scenes. In the end, all you want is to see Naofumi get his revenge and the praises that he deserves. Watch The Rising of the Shield Hero here.

Tower of God – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.9/10

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Everyone in this world has one wish that he or she wants to achieve. In this fantasy world, there’s a tower that consists of innumerable floors, and whoever can climb to the top of it will have his/her wish fulfilled. The story follows a girl named Rachel, who’s afraid of the dark and wants to escape from this gloomy world. Her friend, Bam, whom she met in the darkness, wants her to stay and not leave him alone. 

As she begins her ascent to the tower, Bam decides to follow her, the only twist being whoever is deemed not worthy by the tower’s guardian will be killed. Mystery shrouds every episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Watch this Anime here.

Great Pretender – 2 seasons 

IMDB – 8/10

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Edamura Masato thinks of himself as Japan’s best swindler until he crossed paths with Laurent, a French tourist. While trying to fool the tourist and steal his money, Edamura himself got swindled and realized that Laurent did it. 

Hell-bent on revenge, Edamura follows him to Los Angeles and finds out that Laurent has ties with the international crime organization and deals with the mafia. Now trapped in unimaginable scams, will Edamura find a way out, or does he belong to the mafia forever? 

‘Great Pretender’ has a great story, and stunning animation makes for a great adventure story. Stream it on Netflix or here.

Deca-Dence – 1 season 

IMDB – 7.1/10

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Set in the distant future, mysterious creatures known as Gadoll have inhabited our planet, which has led humans to extinction. The ones who managed to survive the onslaught banded together and built themselves a mobile fortress. This fortress, known as Deca-Dence, allows them to be on equal footing with the monsters. 

Natsume has always dreamt of becoming a soldier; that was all she used to dream about. Instead, she is sent to work under Kaburagi, an apathetic armorer, but as fate would have it, they cross paths with the Gadoll and get caught in a battle. 

She finds out Kaburagi is a brilliant soldier and can take down these creatures one by one. Watch Deca-Dence for its brilliant animation and story. Deca-Dence is available on Hulu or watch it here if you don’t a subscription to Hulu.

B: The Beginning – 2 seasons 

IMDB – 7.2/10

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A vigilante called killer B runs amok in Cremona, where common folks celebrate him, and rich and powerful ones want to hunt him. Said to possess superhuman activities and armed only with a sharp blade, B begins to wreak havoc in the city, killing all wrongdoers. Royal Investigation Service has been called into action to apprehend the fugitive. 

Unable to achieve any result with their investigation, the RIS calls in Keith Flick, a detective who can deduce almost anything. A few years ago, he was removed from the force as he suffered a personal loss and could not take care of himself. The stealthy investigation begins as B has now started to get rid of corrupt politicians. 

With assistance from his sidekick and other team members, Keith unravels a plot that reveals the scope of justice and corruption inside the government. It’s easy to get hooked on this show, as viewers tend to figure out who the culprit can be and have their minds blown each time. This Anime is streaming on Netflix.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Movie – 2 hr

IMDB – 8.3/10

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Ending our list with possibly the most excellent film from Anime Reddit ever, ‘Demon Slayer: Infinity Train’ stormed the Japanese theaters and now has officially taken over ‘Titanic’ in terms of box office collection. The film begins with Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu getting onboard the Infinity train for a new mission. On this train, many reports have been made about ghosts and otherworldly creatures attacking unsuspecting passengers. The trio has to meet up with Kyojuro Rengoku, a flame pillar and one of the strongest slayers in the organization, to confront the demons on the train.

Since it just released in October, you might not find a good print of it on the internet yet. Nevertheless you can watch a CAMRIP version here.

This was our take on all the buzz we came across from Anime Reddit. What do you think about it? Do you have any other new Anime on Reddit that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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